Copyright Notice

I’ve spent many long hours experimenting and learning about the art of making paint from dirt and sand. This workshop is a distillation of the different techniques I use. No part of this workshop, either written or filmed, may be reproduced, sold, copied, distributed, or reposted, either physically or digitally, without written consent from Stella Maria Baer. If you are interested in sharing the techniques you learn in this workshop, please encourage others to register for this workshop. 

If you are interested in teaching the techniques you learn here, please remember this is a beginner’s introduction to a complex process. Spend a few years practicing, experimenting, and learning; cultivate your own perspective on these techniques; and then consider teaching from your own unique practice. Please respect and honor the time and energy that has gone into this workshop.

When I purchase this course I attest that I have read the notice above and will not reproduce or distribute any part of this workshop. I understand that these films and writings are copyright material and will respect the artist’s right to them.