Earth Pigment Paintmaking Workshop

A course on the Art of Paintmaking with Earth Pigments. 


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You will be guided through five embodied meditations that teach you how to make watercolor paint from dirt and sand. This course includes:


1. How to collect dirt and sand using Leave No Trace Practices of Collecting.

2. Detailed explanations of each tool and material you will need.

3. How to process dirt and sand into fine art quality Earth Pigment using several different techniques.

4. How to make watercolors from Earth Pigments, both coarse and fine art quality paint.


The course is designed to be taken at your own pace, at any time, from anywhere in the world.


The workshop includes two different detailed tool and material lists. The Minimalist’s Material List contains only the absolutely necessary tools you will need to make paint from dirt and sand. The Maximalist Materials List includes a number of tools for more advanced paintmaking techniques. The Minimalist List of tools and materials is necessary for all participants to gather before moving to the next phase of the course. The Maximalist List includes tools you may or may not choose to invest in, during the course or after it is over, as you deepen your understanding of how to make paint. Please note that the course is instruction only; it does not include materials. We have designed the workshop to suit a wide range of budgets, backgrounds, and levels of experience. You may choose which tools you need and want to invest in as you work your way through the workshop.

This course is for individual use only. You are welcome to work through it in a group where each person has registered for the course. 


We welcome all backgrounds, all skill levels, all levels of experience. This course is for adults, one course per person, but many segments of the course can be done with children.


While the course is detailed, complex, and technical, I find the practice of making paint from dirt and sand to be deeply grounding and meditative. My hope and prayer for this workshop is that these practices would ground you in these days of uncertainty, taking your hands off screens and placing them in the dirt, revealing all of our capacity for transformation.